Restoring Old Queenslander Homes

Many homes built between 1878 and 1938 have fanlights over doors, sidelights beside the doors and window frames with stained glass. These windows are usually Casements, Pushup and Hoppers. Hoppers and Casement windows were very popular in old Queenslander homes because they caught the breezes and channelled the air flow into the home with the desired cooling effect. A large number of these still survive today but over time, many have deteriorated and are cracked and broken. Homeowners often wonder how these windows can be restored. We have successfully worked on hundreds of Queenslander home restoration projects. 


The term stained glass is really a misnomer because in most cases the glass pieces are not stained but coloured. The term stained glass applies to a technique for painting on the surface of the glass with metal toners. Windows that most people call stained glass are actually made up of pieces of coloured glass.  


We are happy to come to you and provite a free quote to restore or build new leadlights to your specifications. We can you even design leadlights to incorporate your family name, crest or heritage. 


We take great pride and pleasure in restoring the leadlights in old Queenslander homes.